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What does a treatment feel like?

Spinal Flow treatments are very safe and gentle. Laying face down on a massage table we use very gentle physical touch on specific points on the cranium and sacrum called “access points” which gives the practitioner a direct pathway to the nervous system. During a spinal flow session, clients say they feel relaxed and that they feel very connected to their bodies or like a meditated state. Other clients might feel emotional, need to couch or move their bodies. This is all normal and means layers of emotional, chemical or physical stressors are getting cleared.

Why do you treat more than one person at a time?

Group room sessions are an absolutely amazing way of healing.

We have found the healing intention and intensity higher, with more people being treated at once.
Healing in a group also gives you time to connect with your body,  whilst the practitioner is working on another client.
And with being treated in the same room as others, your privacy is always paramount. 
No personal information will be disclosed during these sessions and your practitioner will always ensure that time is allocated to discuss any specific concerns or changes in your wellness.
As a practitioner, it is our preference to treat more than one person at a time.
We find the ease and flow during a group healing session is effortless.

Do private health rebates apply?

The spinal flow technique is regulated by its own professional body not AHPRA and as such private health rebates are not applicable.

Does the NDIS apply?

Yes, depending on your plan, you are able to claim our services under NDIS.
Whilst lying facedown is preferable, the Spinal Flow technique can be performed in many positions as; lying on the back and side or sitting upright in a chair.
Enabling anyone and everyone to benefit from this healing modality.

How often will I require treatments?

Every person will have different requirements because every person is different! Some people have immediate results but other people find that their recovery takes time. Someone who has chronic disease or long-term issues may tend to heal slower and require more frequent treatments initially. As clients start to experience change and healing, the frequency of treatments reduces. Most treatments last from 20 to 30 minutes each. Children tend to respond to treatment very quickly.
We have clients who see us weekly, fortnightly, monthly, six weekly or whenever they feel like their body needs treatment.

Who can have Spinal Flow?

Anyone and everyone of all ages, including animals.

Does Spinal Flow involve physical manipulation and/or adjustments?
No, Spinal Flow only uses extremely gentle and non-invasive touch that you will barely feel.

 Touch on your access points is simply reminding your body to tap into its own self healing ability.

Is Spinal Flow safe for pregnancy?

Absolutely, supporting your body through pregnancy with Spinal Flow will allow it to expand and adjust to the changes in your body with ease. Spinal Flow can be carried out sitting, laying on your side or even on your tummy with the support of specially designed pillow.

Can I bring the whole family?

Yes! We work with all ages from newborn babies (within minutes of birth) through to palliative care and transition. With notice we can treat multiple family members at the same time.

Do I need to remove my clothes for the session?

No. All sessions are carried out fully clothed. Please however avoid thick denims/waist bands, belts, and other bulky clothing.

What payment options do you have available?

We accept cash, contactless tap and direct transfer at time of booking.

Do you do home visits or hospital visits?

Yes, we are available to do home visits if you are unable to come to the clinic.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Hospital visits are very common for many reasons and are incredibly beneficial.


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